Food Lovers Unite!


Collingwood is one of Melbourne’s hippest suburbs. It is filled with many quirky cafes and lively restaurants, particularly on Smith St.
If you love your food, some must visit places are Easey’s, Rockwell and Sons, Lazerpig and Chalawan. If you love your beer, then consider checking out the pubs or visiting Le Bon Ton, Stomping Ground and beer hall.

If you’ve got a serious caffeine addiction, get yourself a cup of coffee from Proud Mary, Everyday Coffee or Aunty Peg’s.

Collingwood is also well known for its musical nights. Don’t miss out on a night without seeing a band at The Gasometer, Grace Darling, The Tote or The Gem.

Full of art and creativity, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting Australian Galleries, Ochre and paying Lamington Drive a visit and looking at guerrilla operation Backwoods Gallery.

There are plenty of factory outlets in Collingwood that can especially be found on Smith St. You can find stores such as Tokyo Bike, Loose Leaf, and experts I greenery and flowers or clothes and coffee at The Social Studio.

Collingwood has certainly developed over the past decade!