We're serious about our vision!

At Direct Property Group we are serious and passionate about eradicating homelessness and we believe that reducing youth homelessness and supporting the great work of our carefully selected charity Partner, Lighthouse Foundation we are on the way to solving this problem.

We donate a percentage of our profit to Lighthouse Foundation and when you choose to work with us, you are also helping a young person find a family home to live in.

Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse, with a home, a sense of family, and around-the-clock therapeutic care that is individually tailored, trauma informed and proven to work.

For over 27 years Lighthouse has successfully supported over 900 young people to break the cycle of homelessness, move into employment and educational opportunities, and overcome damaging life experiences.

Each suburban Lighthouse home provides safety, therapeutic counselling and guidance for up to four young people, supported by two live-in carers and a dedicated team of psychologists and health professionals.

Through their Lighthouse experience, young people can heal, learn again to relate to others and start to rebuild their lives.

Lighthouse Foundation appreciate all the help they can get, if you would like to make a donation click on the Lighthouse image above.

Thank you for your support!