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Professional Photography, is it worth the money?

Written by Elishah Lusi
In a business where first impressions are everything, I often get asked this question when discussing marketing fees with clients ‘Is professional photography worth the money?’

The short answer is ‘Yes’ absolutely! Let’s look at the benefits investing in a professional photographer can do for your investment property wether it be for sale or lease the principals are the same.

In this day and age the internet is the most valuable marketing tool we have, when we search for anything we look online and what do we look for pictures. If something catches our eye we click on it to know more.

Long gone are the days Real Estate Agents take the company camera to a property and take pictures of it, no power on in most vacant properties meant dark photos anyway. People are looking at photos and sizing up the room, layout, lighting and much more.

For a minimal fee usually between $150-$350 a professional photographer will go to the property with all their equipment (not a cheap cannon quick shot from the office) and take a good range of photos from various angles, move furniture around to ensure the best picture is taken, change lighting with blinds and declutter the room.

They then take the time to select the best photos and edit them removing shadows and touching up blemishes resulting in some great photos of your property. You only need to look at the comparison photos here to see how much better some professional photos look against the ones taken on an Iphone.

It’s also great that you can keep the images for future use, if you decide to lease or sell in the future.

All in all, for a very small investment it will bring about a significant return- getting people through the door of your property in the first place. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression so make it count. 

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