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Top 10 styling tips for selling your house

Written by Elishah Lusi
Presentation is a key factor when you’re looking to sell your property, here are some tips for you to follow before you put your property on the market:

Keep the garden weed- free. Mow the lawn and add some pretty pot plants and simple decorations such as garden lights. Get rid of any items that may be lying around the garden.

Bright and clean: Ensure to wipe down the windows. Leave the blinds/ shutters open to allow sunlight into the house. This will make the house look more appealing and create an effect making the rooms look bigger.

Tidy the clutter: No one wants to look at house a messy house. Be sure to keep the house tidy and get rid of any unnecessary objects that might be in the way. Get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Invest in good storage which can help with de-cluttering your house. Less clutter also allows the rooms to appear larger and can allow the buyer to imagine their own furniture in the house.

Scent: You should never underestimate the power of scent. Leave the windows open for some fresh air. This will help get rid of any bad odours that may be in the house such as cooking and pet odours or smoke.

Pet’s: Always be sure to clean up after your pet’s mess and send your pet’s on a holiday to ensure they’re out of the property during the time of an open for inspection.

De-personalise: Remove any personal items that may be around the house such as family photos, any symbolism, objects or flags that may represent a sports team or cultural/religious beliefs. This will make the house look like it’s obviously yours and will be less likely to attract any buyers as it can be quite distracting and personal.

Organisation: Keeping the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms organised and categorising each item will make the house appear neat and tidy. Categorise items such as cutlery, spices, towels etc. Remember to keep “like” items together.

Bedrooms: Make the bedrooms a little nicer than you would on a normal day. Style the bed with fresh plain doona covers and some cushions. Keep everything colour coordinated and matching. De-clutter and de-personalise the rooms and keep it plain and simple. Lighten up the room with some candles or lamps to create a nice effect.

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