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5 Tips to prepare your property for lease

Written by Elishah Lusi
It’s an exciting and busy time for you. You are looking at renting out your property and finding the right tenant is an extremely important part of the process so lets not forget some of the things that help make the tenant select your property over others and really happy before they move in.

Clean as a Whistle
There is nothing worse than a tenant seeing a dirty house at an open for inspection. This tells the tenant that the landlord doesn’t take much care of the property. As a rule of thumb the tenant is expected to leave the property in the same condition as when they moved in. If it is leased unclean, expect to find it in the same if not worse condition when the tenant vacates. Pay special attention to the kitchen including appliances and the bathrooms (especially the shower screens), always steam clean carpets and leave the receipt with the property manager as the tenant will be required to provide a receipt when they move out too.

If you are time poor speak to your property manager and ask them to arrange a cleaner for you; it will be money well spent.

Repairs and Maintenance
If you have moved out of a property and have decided to lease it, try and address any potential issues that may need repairing. It is often the case that you have put up with the loose cupboards but it doesn’t mean your new tenant will. If you have a vacating tenant, it will be important when undertaking the final inspection to thoroughly review each aspect of the house. Attempt to open all doors, turn on all light switches and repair what is required; or have the vacating tenant attend to it, where possible under the Act.

Services and Utilities
It is a good idea to disconnect the utilities at a property when the occupier has moved out. Don’t forget to request a final reading and turn off the power at the mains, so that it is ready for the new tenant to have it connected in their name.

Insurance Cover
If you haven’t already done so, we always recommend to our landlords to take out property specific Landlord Insurance. This can cover you for such things as malicious damage by the tenant, loss of rental and replacement of fixtures and fittings. All insurance covers vary, so speak with your insurer or property manager about which provider they have worked with in the past to compare policies carefully.

Instructions Booklet and Helpful Hints
We have all been in the situation where we have moved into a new house and can’t work out how to use something. The oven, dishwasher or even the alarm can be a source of frustration and unnecessary phone calls. If you can take the time to write a few simple tips on how to use the appliances, car park entry, alarms etc. this small act will go a long way. Something else tenants will appreciate is a list of local cafes/restaurants that you have tried and would recommend. I’m sure they will love them too and this will hopefully help them to enjoy your area quicker and stay in your property for longer.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of things that you can do to make attracting and keeping the right kind of tenant for your property, but if you start here you can’t go too far wrong. For everything else feel free to contact us.

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